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Mission Statemet

Nationwide Recovery Center changes people’s lives through our dedicated professionals committed to providing quality and leading edge substance abuse and mental health treatment services.

Each client is treated with respect, as if we are treating our own loved ones. We help our clients rebuild a meaningful and productive life; enhance the quality of their life as well as their personal and family relationships.

We see each day as an opportunity to help our clients learn new skills to navigate through their physical and emotional life. The continued growth of the clients we serve is supported through a course of services grounded in life skills including nutrition, financial and employment that is executed in a timely and cost effective manner.


Nationwide Recovery Centers™ believes that those dealing with addiction should not feel alone. If they have made the decision to face their addiction, then they deserve our full dedication to their healing. Our philosophy is one that welcomes all approaches to treatment that have all been successful in finding long-lasting recovery.

Our belief is that when empowered with choice, true individualized treatment will emerge and empower the individual participating in his/her customized treatment care.

Our philosophy embraces evidenced based practice and community based services from an integrated, person-centered approach, where medical, mental health and addiction converge with holistic, spiritual, Eastern and Western wellbeing philosophies and the principals of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Our philosophy also encompasses a long-term success strategy by providing life skill services that empower the individual to better navigate his/her life.


Facility Tour

Nationwide Recovery Center offers a luxury residential treatment facility in Orange County, CA

Why Nationwide?

Qualified Experts

When going into treatment client is care is paramount, having staff that can
facilitate that is just as important. Nationwide Recovery Centers expert staff are dedicated to caring for the client’s safety and wellbeing at all times. All clients are under the direct supervision of a board-certified psychiatrist and graduate level therapist’s. All staff members go through extensive and rigorous training to ensure only the highest level of care. It is always our goal for staff to serve as examples and role models for our clients. Nationwide’s staff brings the humanity back into treatment and using ethical boundaries help Nationwide’s clients establish healthy and productive relationships.

Resident Chef

It is important to us that every client that walks through our doors feel as though they are at their home away from home. Our resident chef will personally meet with every client to ensure that his or her dietary needs are being met to the highest level. When an addict has been in the grips of addiction, their own nutritional needs seldom come before the need for drugs or alcohol. Great food not only can make us feel better physically, but also emotionally by knowing that you are being taken care of during a difficult time. This is why our daily menu offers exquisitely made home-style comfort food that will give your mind and body the necessary nutrients to begin the road to recovery.

Luxury Facility

Our warm and inviting facility is located in the heart of beautiful and sunny Orange County, California. Within our family oriented community is a pool, spa and fitness center that our clients have full access to. Our detox center was designed to ensure the highest level of comfort and convenience. Many facilities are over crowded and force the recovering addict to live in cramped quarters. Our patient centered facility offers four capacious bedrooms with the option for private rooms for those who wish to have that extra level of privacy. Each bedroom offers comfortable bedding and TV’s. Our master bedroom features a private bathroom and sun deck for your rest and relaxation.

If you are unsure if chemical dependency counseling is right for you, our drug and alcohol treatment professionals are here to help.

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Often times, health insurance covers up to 100% of the cost of treatment.