Nationwide Team

Dr. Randall Turner

Medical Director


Bobby Nassiri

Program Director


Adin Vivas

Detox Supervisor



Qualified Experts

Nationwide Recovery Centers employs the top addiction professionals.

When going into treatment client is care is paramount, having staff that can facilitate that is just as important. Nationwide Recovery Centers expert staff are dedicated to caring for the client’s safety and wellbeing at all times.

All clients are under the direct supervision of a board-certified psychiatrist and graduate level therapist’s. All staff members go through extensive and rigorous training to ensure only the highest level of care. It is always our goal for staff to serve as
examples and role models for our clients.

Nationwide’s staff brings the humanity back into treatment and using ethical boundaries help Nationwide’s clientsestablish healthy and productive relationships.

What are you waiting for?

Often the cost of treatment is covered 100% by your health insurance.