Addiction has been known to destroy families, couples and friendships. It is no chance that many of the steps of the AA program relate to our relationships with others; how we harmed them and how we need to make amends. Still, these are steps 5,8,9… what about the first step? Not the first one from AA or the first milestone on the road toward recovery? I mean, the first phone call, the first conscious decision to make a change in our lives for good during a moment of clarity… What is going to truly tip the scales? Actually, this post is aimed at the friends and families of addicts who may feel that by now they have tried everything. If the addict in your life is lucky enough to have you read this post remember that it will take you:

MORE work

MORE love

and MORE understanding than anything you have done before.

But the life of your loved one is at stake and you cannot abandon him or her as it just may drive him or her further down the rabbit hole. Co-dependency or ignoring the problem are as poisonous as addiction, so hold on and never let go. You may have to make that first step yourself.